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How to post a video in our website ?

How to post your video

  1. go to tap menu on the left. looking for word post and hover on post then choose add new.
  2. Fill your title video.
  3. Copy embed your video from facebook or youtube… then past in Text tab
  4. Fill your description video in Visual.
  5. Format Choose video format.
  6. Select Category of your video, if your video not have in our category you can choose uncategorize.
  7. Add your tag keyword. “what is tag ? Tag is a keyword for showing your video in relating video with the same tag“.example:If two videos have the same tag keyword as “funny” So these videos will relating each other.
  8. Select feature image->upload file->select files Choose from your local image file.
  9. Post setting->sidebar position->select which sidebar would you love.
  10. All in one seo pack, fill your title, description, keyword. These will improve your search engine optimization in google search.

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