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Tep Entry Sena Klahan 2008 [50END] Fixed


The series was generally well received in China, despite courting some controversy by changing certain portions of the novel for aesthetic purposes to reach modern audiences.[5]

Some antagonists, such as Yang Kang and Wanyan Honglie, also deviate from their counterparts in the novel, to the point that they are portrayed in a more positive light. Other significant deviations from the original story include: greater drama in the rivalry between Guo Jing and Yang Kang; the Yangs’ troubled relationship with each other before they acknowledge themselves as family and Yang Kang’s desire for vengeance after his parents’ deaths; Yang Kang meeting his newborn son and raising the child with Mu Nianci months before his death; Yang Kang’s final repentance before letting Ouyang Feng kill him. This resulted in criticism from the audience, who said that the series resembled a Chiung Yao drama where there are often unnecessary and exaggerated conflicts inserted into the storyline.[6][7]

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